Old Technology - Do You Remember?



  1. What is Web 2.0?
  2. Skype... A Howler From Home
  3. Wikis .... Riding the Hogwarts Express
  4. Blogs .... Who needs Hedwig?
  5. RSS .... Donning the Sorting Hat
  6. Google... Exploring the secret passages
  7. Podcasts... Receiving the Daily Prophet
  8. Feeling magical? .... More spells and incantations

WEB 2.0

Did You Know Video

Skype (free Video conferencing)

Video conferencing with Skype (free!)


What in the World?

The Real Deal!

Wikis in Plain English by Lee LeFever

10 Ways Wikis Can be Used in Your Classroom (From Classroomtech)

1. Lesson Summaries
2. Collaboration of Notes
3. Concept Introduction and Exploratory Projects
4. Dissemination of important classroom information beyond the classroom
5. Individual assessment projects
6. Creation of a simple website
7. Sharing of initial thoughts about, and knowledge of a new topic
8. Student portfolios
9. Location to aggregate web resources
10. Collaboration among teachers

Examples of wikis for teachers

Westwood Wiki
Deep River Elementary
Soil Scientists Wiki (3rd Grade Students' Wiki)
Becoming Scientists (6th Grade Unit)
Middle School Wiki
Wiki Ideas
6th Grade Teams
Science Alive!
Free Stuff for Science Teachers
Examples of Educational Wikis

Examples of wikis for students

SanLee Middle School Teacher Wikis
West Lee Middle School Teacher Wikis
6th Grade Math - Vincent Pienaar
6th Grade Math & Science - Kim Collazo
6th Grade Science - Bev Fearns
7th Grade Science - Janet Cameron
7th Grade Math
7th Grade Social Studies - Gregg Halkuff
7th Grade Social Studies - Deborah Unangst
8th Grade Science Wiki Judy Knight
Civil Rights Materials - 8th Grade Language Arts Cynthia McFadden
World War 1 Wiki
Africa Project

Examples of wikis by students

Linus Project - 8th graders at West Lee Middle School
Collazo's Cove - 6th graders at West Lee Middle School

Ideas for using Wikis in the classroom

Great Ideas

Wiki Cheat Sheet


Let's Go Build!

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Blogs in Plain English by Lee LeFever

What is the difference between a blog and a wiki?

A blog is an online journal that allows the owner to post entries that are generally displayed in reverse
chronological order.Many blogs allow readers to comment on these posts.

A wiki is a type of website that allows multiple users to collaboratively create and edit page

from The English Department
A blog can be used to:
  • record your daily life
  • reflect on what happened to you
  • share links/photos/online materials with others
  • comment on articles you have read
  • write chapters to a short story
  • invite people to react and think about issues you both are interested in
  • post tips, advice, and suggestions
  • share useful material for the content you are developing
  • concentrate on a specific skill
  • record classroom experiences
  • reflect on the learning process
  • post your assignments

Classroom uses of Blogs

Ideas from workshop Lee County Teachers

Great Ideas for using blogs

from Anne Davis
scroll down to October 5, 2004 - Great examples!

Blog rubric
Ideas for Blogging external image msword.png IDEAS FOR BLOGGING.doc
from Source Unknown

Blog accounts

How to set up an Edublog account - David Warlick
Educator's Guide to Blogging - David Warlick
Gaggle Blogs, email,digital locker, chat rooms, and message boards

Teacher Blogs

Will Richardson
Cool Cat Teacher
Wesley Fryer
Jeff Utecht
Miguel Guhlin
Danita Russell
Blogs on Educational Blogging
The English Department
EduBlogger List

Student Blogs

Student Blogs
Room 613
Priestsic6 ยท
Verrado Middle School
Middle Schools Science Student's Blogs
Blog Write
World Literature


What is it?

RSS Video

  • Helps manage information...
    • Allows you to utilize a news reader to subscribe to weblogs, news media, searches, and other rss enabled web content
    • Makes your web experience more focused and richer
  • Saves time...
    • Instead of visiting all your favorite sources, you go to one place
    • News readers summarize content to make it easy to decide if you want to read it or discard it

How can you use it as a professional tool?

Using Google Reader
Using Pageflakes
Adding Google Reader and Pageflakes to your Google Homepage
RSS Ideas for Educators


Making Your Google Homepage!


Google Earth

http://earth.google.com/ free download
Kindergarten Example -

Google is more than a Search Engine

Google Workshop


Easiest tool on Earth! Audacity
  • record voice
  • manipulate voice
  • import audio clips

What do you need to Podcast?
  • microphone
  • computer
  • recording software
  • distributing program - iTunes
  • Lame Encoder if you want to export the podcasts as mp3s

Directions for Uploading your Podcasts to iTunes:
  1. Record your podcast with Audacity
  2. Go to File: Export as a wav file
  3. Save the file in a folder on your computer (remember where it is!)
  4. Open iTunes
  5. Go to File: Import
  6. Browse and locate your podcast in the folder in which you saved it

If you'd like to add it to your iPod:
  1. Insert your iPod into the computer.
  2. Open and it will import to music.
  3. Click and drag the podcast to your iPod.

Podcast Hosting Sites:

Podcasts by kids:
WillowWeb - Willowdale Elementary School
Simple Book Reviews - Deep River Elementary School

Okay, Now Work Your Magic!

Pay Attention!

Need more ideas?

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