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What are Wikis??

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10 Ways Wikis Can be Used in Your Classroom (From Classroomtech)

1. Lesson Summaries
2. Collaboration of Notes
3. Concept Introduction and Exploratory Projects
4. Dissemination of important classroom information beyond the classroom
5. Individual assessment projects
6. Creation of a simple website
7. Sharing of initial thoughts about, and knowledge of a new topic
8. Student portfolios
9. Location to aggregate web resources
10. Collaboration among teachers

Examples of wikis for teachers

Westwood Wiki
Deep River Elementary
Soil Scientists Wiki (3rd Grade Students' Wiki)
Becoming Scientists (6th Grade Unit)
Middle School Wiki
Wiki Ideas
6th Grade Teams
Science Alive!
Free Stuff for Science Teachers
Examples of Educational Wikis

Examples of wikis for students

6th Grade Math - Vincent Pienaar
6th Grade Science - Amy Braren
7th Grade Science - Janet Cameron
7th Grade Math
7th Grade Social Studies - Gregg Halkuff
8th Grade Science Wiki Judy Knight
Civil Rights Materials - 8th Grade Language Arts Cynthia McFadden
World War 1 Wiki
Africa Project

Examples of wikis by students

Caution - these are personal wikis by middle school students 8th Grade Language Arts Students
6th Grade Science Student - Taylor
8th Grade Student- KrazzyFroggy
8th Grade Student- Stephanie
8th Grade Student - Zac
8th Grade Student - Jacob
8th Grade Student - Zack

Ideas for using Wikis in the classroom

Great Ideas

Wiki Cheat Sheet


Let's Go Build! http://www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers100K

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